Elevation Tracker doesn't start tracking until you move 10 meters four times. If you don't see any activity when you first start tracking, just get moving and the app should catch up!

By default, Elevation Tracker uses GPS triangulation to calculate elevation. You can optionally update your data from an online elevation database by tapping Action and then Update From DB. However, Elevation Tracker is designed for enthusiasts and is not intended to replace specialized measurement equipment.

The maxiumum gradient calculations are particularly prone to error, but we've added some error correction to deal with this. Please contact us if you have any feedback about the accuracy of the calculations.

Elevation Tracker, and GPS in general, is not designed to measure small movements or to work well indoors. When evaluating the accuracy of the app, please test it outside performing an activity that involves significant movement, like biking, hiking or driving.

If you experience any other problems, please use the help link above. For the quickest response, be sure to describe the problem in detail and state what kind of device you're using (e.g., iPhone 4s) and what version of iOS you have installed (you can find this from the Settings app under General > About > Version).